Hollywood calls Prakash Raj!!!

By - September 25, 2013 - 07:57 AM IST

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Prakash Raj is one of the respectable and acclaimed actors in India. He is adept at performing any role with ease: that is why he is called a director’s actor. Language has never been a barrier for him and he has proved it once again.

Prakash Raj is the latest to test the waters in Hollywood. According to our sources he has been approached for two films and seems to be inclined in doing both. One of the projects is an adaptation of the book Six Suspects written by Vikas Swarup (Slum dog Millionaire fame). The other film in which he will be acting is by world renowned director Steven Spielberg. The theme of this project is based on India-Pakistan border.

Official announcement about these projects is expected as soon as the formalities are completed. iQlik Movies wishes you all the best...Mr. Prakash Raj..!!!