Rajendra Prasad Autobiography.

By - October 03, 2013 - 07:19 AM IST

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220 movies…amazing roles...spanning a journey of three decades – these are the three words that describe Nata Kiriti Rajendra Prasad. He was earlier known for his comedy roles but later took a serious turn with the movie Aa Naluguru. Now he is doing diverse roles close to his heart and is still winning fans.  

Rajendra Prasad is planning to present his three decades of filmy journey with twists, turns and fumbles in the form of a book. Yes, Nata Kiriti Rajendra Prasad will soon lay out his movie journey in the form a text. Through this book he is planning to share the experiences he encountered with his readers.  

I am neither a writer nor a wonderful person whom history should remember. But I am hoping my journey will give spirit to at least few people. So, this attempt” says Rajendra Prasad. However it might take a while to write this book. Until then let’s wait patiently.