No need of logic.. Only magic is needed

By - October 05, 2013 - 02:42 PM IST

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A young guy arrives in Mumbai with just hundred rupees in hand. Cut from there...he becomes a Mafia Leader. The story which happens in between these two incidents happens completely in a cinematic manner. But audience believed it and watched it... it is the story of Businessman.

A rich affluent guy having lakhs of crores comes to India to take his aunt back to his family and saves his uncle in India from an impending danger. He joins in his aunt’s house as a driver but continues as a rich person outside. Audiences are crazily watching this… it is the story of Attarintiki Daredi.

Nobody worries whether such incidents happen in real life or about the credibility of logic in this. Did the directors make a miracle in not making audience think on these lines? Or it is the audience themselves who stopped thinking about the believable logic? The fact is Telugu Cinema is drifting away from logic. This is made clear.

We strongly believe that Cinema is meant for entertainment. And that belief is becoming stronger day by day. But the question of how much entertainment is attained is not bothered much. That is why only magic without logic is seen in films. As they were made just for making the audience laugh, nobody used to worry much about why such scene was happening in the film. People just used to heartily laugh and forget about the film. But now, almost every lead hero trusts this concept of “No Logic- Only Magic” and they are even attaining success with it.

This so called “Srinu Vaitla” formula was liked by everyone and the other directors are also drifting towards it. A villain who is invincible in the beginning suddenly is made a fool by the hero, and some comedy tracks in between became the norm. Vinayak’s Krishna and Adhurs were made based on this concept. Even Surender Reddy, Nageshwar Reddy attained hit films following this formula. Allari Naresh got many hits in his career with this formula alone. As a result, there is more fascination for stories which don’t have any logic.

It is true, Cinema is a fictional world which takes the audience to it and entertains them. In that respect, why do we need logic at all? In Challenge Chiranjeevi earns lakhs of rupees with just one rupee in hand. Didn’t we watch it? A hero earns crores of rupees by selling milk, and newspaper. Didn’t we watch that as well? Lack of logic is an inherent part of Cinema right from its inception. However, we bothered about logic in between but left it now. That is the only difference.

A viewer generally feels happy if he watches something which is not possible in real life so magically presented on silver screen. He associates himself as the hero in the film. Even the directors want that- Making the viewer a hero in the film. That is why films lacking logic and reality are running successfully!