Pawan Kalyan's Ultimatum on PIRACY!!

By - October 15, 2013 - 04:59 AM IST

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How many times have you seen Pawan Kalyan talking on the Stage?  VERY FEW

Did he ever point fingers at any one? NONE

Has he ever made speeches on stage just to create sensation? NO

But today was different and people have witnessed the other side of the POWER STAR in the AD Thank you function, where he exploded out of frustration and was fuming with anger passing an ULTIMATUM saying that   “Evari Nee Vadalanu Thata Thesta…… “ . You already know the reason and it was against Piracy.

Pawan Kalyan is usually on the stage for a quick minute or two but today he went on and on NON STOP for ½ hour. His speech started in a usual manner where he thanked the entire crew members for their hard work but when the topic landed on piracy he was unstoppable and unleashed like a Tsunami.

In brief his speech was along these lines:

I was in Goa working on the script for Gabbar Singh 2 and that’s when I received the phone call about piracy. I immediately came back to Hyderabad and was shocked to find out the “CAUSE” for piracy. Trivikram worked hard on this script for 3 years and I know the level of efforts involved because even I wrote a script for a movie but all those efforts were destroyed in just ½ hour. “I know for a fact that the enemy is within our own camp (INTI DONGALA PANE) and also know who did this and who were behind this job?”

I never interfere with anyone and operate with a lot of patience. The only thing I know is to LOVE everybody.  The names that surfaced over this piracy issue are only a few but there are many other brains behind this act and the people who did this are from the Film Industry itself. I’m not the kind of personality who thinks that I should be the only one in the industry. 

This issue is not going to end here just because AD is a blockbuster and collected 100 crores, “I will not leave anyone and bring them all to justice”. In fact the fans never watched the pirated version but many elders of the film industry not only watched this movie, they even called me to express their opinion that the “MOVIE IS GOOD AND PIRACY WILL NOT BE A SHOW STOPPER”. This feels like adding fuel to the fire and we did know whether to laugh or cry? This is all intentional. This is not PIRACY, it is a CONSPIRACY. But I or Trivikram were never scared … reason? Because of the trust we had in the fans and you guys proved us right. This is exactly the reason behind this success meet.

Much to the delight of his fans, Pawan Kalyan also defined Pawanism as a way of living for the good and betterment of the society and the country.

In reality, who was Pawan targeting with these sensational statements? Who are the masterminds behind this conspiracy? Looks like Pawanism got triggered by the leader himself so let us wait and watch how everything unfolds.

To watch the video Qlik here.
P.S: Readers, We like to thank you all for supporting this cause and have received tremendous response to our iQlik Anti-Piracy Force campaign. Please continue the great work and report all piracy activity to [email protected]. We will do our best to support the cause irrespective of the MOVIE or a STAR.