I am battling cancer: ANR

By - October 19, 2013 - 10:38 AM IST

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Akkineni Nageshwara Rao,the actor best known for the greatest act in Telugu cinema is suffering from cancer. The veteran actor himself reported to the media that, ‘When I was hospitalized with severe stomach pain on 8th October, doctors from KIMS have detected the initial stage cancer cells in my body.’ ‘After consulting other international medicos, it was confirmed that I’m fighting cancer. In this meantime, the news of cancer got wide-spread to my family, friends and relatives. They were a little worried about my health condition. So I discussed this with my entire family to make my health condition an official statement to media which will eventually cool all my well-wishers. And to my knowledge and after consensus with doctors, I can say that I’m fine now and cancer is not a threat for my life,” added ANR.

The 90-year old actor said that he won’t stop acting till his last breath. Whatsoever, this news came out as a big shock to the Telugu people. Except Akhil, who is US, all the family members of ANR attended this official press. Besides this, the veteran expressed his strong belief of living for about 96 years. On his 90th birthday recently, Nageshwara Rao was expected to be fit and he is currently acting in ‘Manam’ starring Akkineni trio.