Need a Good Story Not a Star Hero Nandini Reddy

By - October 20, 2013 - 10:29 AM IST

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All eyes were on Nandini Reddy after the release of "Ala Modalaindi". Nani attained stardom with this film, which also introduced beautiful Nitya Menon to Tollywood. This dynamic lady director has proved that a small budget movie can be made beautifully and yet get a commercial success. She was the most sought director with offers right after the release of her first movie but things took a U turn after the release of her second movie Jabardasth.

All the heroes and producers who praised and expressed interest to work with her are either shunning her or silent now. So, Nandini has now vowed to make small budget films with new talent & prove her mettle again.

Nandini Reddy says "We prepare a story for a big hero and wait for years for their dates .Even after that they might just go and signup a hit director. We have to keep waiting for our turn. I will not wait for stars any more. There were no stars in Ala Modalaindi, which made Nani a star. I believe that story is the real hero for any film. I will write such stories and make films that bring smiles to my producers. I will create new heroes from my stories. I don't believe that movies will run based on the budget; I believe that they run based on the content of the movie. We can make movies within a minimum budget of 2-3 crores and I have plenty of producers in this category…

Who could be that star hero Nandini Reddy is referring to? Is it Venky or Jr.NTR? Whoever it is that have shown keen interest to work with her after Ala Modalaindi are all busy with their projects and there is no news about them teaming with Nandini. In any case, it is a welcome sign that a talented director like Nandini isn't relying on Stars and wasting her time. We wish that Nandini will come out with many more simple and yet beautiful scripts and introduce many a new talent to Tollywood. Good luck Nandini!!!