There is nothing wrong in playing a safe game - Veeru Potla

By - October 21, 2013 - 04:54 PM IST

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Veeru Potla is one who changed to writer from director. He gave story for successful films like Varsham and Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. But he changed to action film director. He is gaining a good name with action entertainers like Bindaas, Ragada and Doosukeltha. He strongly believes that any kind of story should be combined with entertainment and he has been following this principle since his first film. Veeru Potla’s recent film Doosukeltha has been released recently and on that account, here is an exclusive chit chat with the director:

How satisfied you are with the result of Doosukeltha?
Till now, my films never got positive talk on the first day itself. Bindaas and Ragada gained hit talk slowly. But with Doosukeltha, it gained the positive talk with the first show and it stabilized now.

This story was written originally for Manoj isn’t it?
Yes. After Bindaas I could gain lot of rapport with Manoj. This story was written keeping Manoj in mind. But I got a call from Mohan Babu and he asked me whether I got a good story for Vishnu. When Manoj also found the story good, the story shifted to Vishnu instead.

Then what sort of changes you made to the story to suit Vishnu?
When we have one hero in mind while writing a story, we write based on the hero’s body language, positives and talent. Some heroes can deliver dialogues very well which makes us write dialogue oriented comedy scenes. But some heroes can emote very well with expressions, and in that case my style will differ. Vishnu and Manoj are very similar in facial features and both are equally energetic. That was why I did have to rework much of the story. Though there were little changes I made depending on Vishnu, they were not too significant.

Who chose Lavanya Tripathi for the female lead’s role?
It was Vishnu who did but I also auditioned her. She is a great actress who can make the audience shed tears without using glycerin.

You showed the film to certain prominent personalities of film industry before it got released. Why is that so? Is it because you had some doubts on it?
It was not fear but trust. My film will obviously be liked by me. But the real success happens when it is liked by everyone. We showed the film to directors like Dasari, B.Gopal and Srinu Vaitla. All of them said only one feedback that the film will be a hit. There is lot of trust in B.Gopal’s judgment. If he says a film is hit, it will sure happen. He liked the film a lot and suggested few changes and we did them too.

People are saying the second half is better than the first half?
Many people told me the same. But the reason for second half being so good is the first half because we did not hide any twists in the first half. We narrated the story plot in it. That was why it was easier to handle second half.

The concept of Hero arriving in villain’s house and fooling everyone there is not new to us…
Yes. The same sequence happens in Bindaas. But the drama in this film is new. Audience will not watch if the old story is said again. There should be some novelty associated with it. Without proper story, any narration is useless. This film is faring well because entertainment joined the story.

You seemed to have played a safe game with respect to the story.
Yes...And there is nothing wrong with that. The viewer should be able to understand the story well without any confusion. Only such films should be made which run well. The industry doesn’t care what I really know; it only needs me to take films which are worth. That was what I did with this film.

As a writer, you made mostly love stories. But why does your trend doesn’t change as a director?
You are right. However, I wrote those stories based on director’s requirement. But as a director I don’t want to be confined to one sphere. All sorts of stories should be made. You will very soon see a clean love story directed by me.

Do you ever feel the writer is dominating the director in you?
Because there is a writer in me, the directional work is getting easier. My directorial vision is aided by the writer in me. With that aid I am able to write the scenes perfectly.

When will Bindaas 2 come up?
Very soon. There are few expectations for the sequel. The film repeatedly plays in TV and DVD and hence such expectations can be met only when there is a powerful script.