Is Mahesh doing a Jason Bourne?

By - October 29, 2013 - 09:07 AM IST

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Lately, we have been skeptical and a little suspicious about the plot for Mahesh Babu’s upcoming 1- Nenokkadine. We are completely taking a wild guess and think that Mahesh is probably doing a Jason Bourne (The Bourne Identity) in this movie.

But how can we justify? It all started with the release of the teaser and the Wallpapers. The teaser somehow intrigued us but when the wall papers came out they clearly show the trace of a map listing different countries in the back ground. Finally, if you closely examine the meaning of title “1- Nenokkadine” it suggests that Mahesh may have different identities in this movie which is comparable to this context. Even Jason Bourne in the movie “The Bourne Identity” has different identities and tries to discover his true identity chasing a CIA conspiracy in many different countries.

If all the above said were to be true Mr.Sukumar definitely has an uphill task ahead. Because our typical Telugu cinema demands a mix of several elements such as hero introduction song, item song, comedy tracks and so on…...and we don’t know if all of the above said elements can be blended in to a high paced action entertainer such as Bourne Identity.

You never know … our directors are very capable of pulling these miracles. Also this could be a long standing fantasy come true situation for Mahesh Fans … because they envision him in Bond or Bourne type of character isn’t?

Your thoughts?