Doosukeltha's Diwali Bonanza!!

By - October 31, 2013 - 06:44 AM IST

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Diwali Dhamaka SALE!! 50 % OFF, BUY 1 GET 4 FREE... We are used to seeing these tricks with all the retailers to move out the old inventory or increase sales during the festival season. Isn’t?  The same technique is now adopted in movies and they are playing a similar marketing strategy.  We have already seen that Attarinitiki Daredi added a six minute sequence to drag more audience. Now it is Doosukeltha’s team who are in the same mood and are trying to throw a Diwali Offer to the audience.

So what are they doing? They are going to add a new song.  Seems that this song was already shot and had to be kept aside since it did not go well with the overall pace of the movie. Not only that they are also going to add Vennala Kishore’s comedy track. So, Doosukeltha is coming back for this Diwali with a new concept and hope their strategy will play!!

We just don’t know if this new marketing strategies are working. Guys!! Did you hear anything?