I got Bollywood chance, but? - Vishal

By - October 31, 2013 - 01:57 PM IST

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It is usually said that one should win in home ground and then outside. But Vishal proved his worth outside the home ground first and then wanted to prove in his land. Though he is a Telugu guy he grew to great heights as a Tamil Hero. He came near to Telugu Audience through dubbing films. He got a good name as a commercial hero with Pandhem Kodi and with Vaadu-Veedu he proved to be a great actor. Now he turned as producer with Palnadu. This film is due release on November 2nd and on that account, here is an exclusive chit chat with the actor:

Will you be confined to dubbing films alone? Why don’t you make a straight Telugu film?
I also wanted to act in a straight Telugu film since ages but did not get the right story. Whenever I visit Hyderabad, our people ask me the same question. Now I got a good storyline and Sasi is the director for it.  I can share more details of that project shortly.

How do you find your journey going as an actor?
I’ve been very satisfied with it. But any career isn’t devoid of obstacles. The same thing happened to mine but I never failed as an actor.

Where do you think the mistake happened?
I never compromised with respect to the story. But a good film has to be released in the right time. In this regard some of producers did not co-operate with me. Some of my good films were released in wrong timing and hence I couldn’t get the needed appreciation.

That is why you became producer for your film Palnadu?
Yes. This story not only needs a good director but also a good producer. That is why I took the responsibility.

What sort of a film is Palnadu?
This film has aspects suiting to all sections of audience. It is a full-length mass entertainer. My role in the film is really very versatile. Usually we think of Hero as a powerful and courageous man. But I acted as a coward in this. The director showed the story of a coward’s journey in how he overcomes the fears and achieves what he wants in an interesting manner.

Will you continue to be a producer?
Definitely! New talent and directors should be encouraged. That is why I established a production house and will also take straight films in Telugu.

When will you venture into direction?
I came to this field to become a director. But situations turned me to a Hero. Now they changed me to Producer. But someday I will definitely become a director as it’s my dream.

Will you be the hero in a film directed by you?
No. Direction is a huge responsibility and the two boats journey style will not suit for it. That is why I will search for another hero.

What sort of films do you want to make?
I have many unfulfilled dreams regarding that. I need to see them on silver screen. I used to have an idea of making super hero style of films but films like Mask hindered those thoughts. I understood that making such films is a huge blunder only after witnessing the result of it.

We heard you got a Bollywood offer also?
After Vaadu Veedu I got a chance to act in Bollywood but I didn’t agree because at that time my thought process was too crazy. It took me long time to come out of director Bala’s influence.

Did you feel bad that film couldn’t fetch you any awards?
I never believed in awards. It is nonsense that four experts pick the greatest talent ever. For me, audience claps value more.

What about your marriage plans?
As of now I am not thinking about it. I love my work- That’s it!