Aadu Magadura Bujji Audio Review

By - November 01, 2013 - 12:13 PM IST

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Aadu Magadura Bujji is an upcoming entertainer starring Sudheer Babu and Ashmita Sood in lead roles. The music is composed by Sri Kommineni and the film is directed by Krishna Reddy.  Here is an exclusive audio review of the album:

The album begins in a catchy manner with Adhele Tholiprema sung by Rahul Nambiyar and Priya Hemesh.  The vocals are fun filled with impactful orchestration.  The track gives the right kick start to the album and the interludes are filled with ease.

The catchiness changes to soothing melody Andala Haseena sung by MLR Karthikeyan and Priya Hemesh. The song is techno sounding but doesn’t fall short in the melody department. It sounds fresh and interesting to hear.

Next arrives Cheekati Padithe Cheeroddhu sung by Priyadarshina and Sree in vigor. The track tries to make an impact of an item song but falls short as it progresses by. The much needed punch for an item song is missing in the track.

The fun element of the album is back with Osi Nee Andalu sung by Karthik and NSK Ramya. The vocal department is perfect with confident singing and the tune is well composed. The track gets better as it progresses by and gives a great impact on the listener.

Oh Preyasi Monalisa sung by MLR Karthikeyan and Priya Hemesh is the last track in the album with heavy orchestration and a trance like atmosphere is created with the prelude itself.  The song lacks the needed impact on the listener.

Aadu Magadura Bujji is a fair album but falls short in making a thumping impact on the listener. The orchestration could have been little more impactful to make the good tunes sound little more presentable.