Kick story was written for NTR.

By - November 02, 2013 - 06:52 AM IST

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Kick is an unforgettable film in Ravi Teja’s career and it gave the much-needed boost to Surendar Reddy as a director. In fact, the story was not written for Ravi Teja.  Do you want to know the first hero of this film? Oh yeah…it is our very own Young Tiger NTR.

After the debacle of Ashok, Surendar Reddy wrote Kick story for NTR, who initially promised but later withdrew from this film. Dejected Surendar Reddy started searching for alternatives without any success. This is when another hero made an entry. It was Sai Kumar son Aadi. A photo-shoot was also done and even Aadi built a muscular frame for this film. When everything was aligned and the movie was about to take shape, the story went back to Ravi Teja.

Ravi Teja was a successful actor then and Surendar Reddy chose the safe option of settling for an established actor instead of a debutant. He was also able to convince Ravi Teja and come up with this film. This is the story behind the Kick movie.

What would have been the impact, if this film were made with Jr.NTR or Aadi? Any guesses...?