That is the thrill in Multi Starrers- Venkatesh

By - November 05, 2013 - 12:33 PM IST

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Venkatesh has a long career span of 25 years. His journey went on in a versatile manner and at the same time earned a name of minimum guarantee hero. He never confined to only one style of films. If he feels the character needs him- he gears up to act in any storyline. Telugu Cinema is indebted to Venky for the advent of multi starrer films. At the same time, he is acting in solo hero films and earning appreciation from the audience. He acted along with Ram in the upcoming film Masala and the film is subject to release on 14th of this month. On that occasion here is an exclusive chit chat with the actor:

With the film Masala justify its title?
Yes. The film is hot! But that doesn’t mean the film has only mass elements. We made sure the film suits the family audience and it is a film which can be enjoyed by all sections of audience as well.

It would have been nice if the film released for Diwali?
It is not in our hands when the film can be eventually released. That decision is made by the producers and even for them situations should fall in place.

This is your third film with director Vijaya Bhaskar isn’t it?
Yes. I can never forget Nuvvu Naaku Nacchav and Malleswari in my career. He is a person with tremendous dedication towards his work. He doesn’t know anything else except cinema. He is well aware of my body language. Even in this film my role came out very well.

Did Ram dominate you at any point of time in the film?
That is the thrill in multistarrers. When two heroes are there the competitive domination is very good. But it did not go overboard. Ram did a challenging role in this film and his character has many shades. I am sure he will get a good name for his performance.

Do you have a fear anytime that your role might be sidelined in a multi starrer film?
If I think like that, how can multi starrer films come by? More than me, my directors know about my image and market value. They are making films without compromising on that. In Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, both Peddhodu and Chinodu were crucial. It is more important how the individual characters are crafted. The film fared well and that is why I feel like doing more such films.

Don’t you feel your solo hero market has faded a little?
I never had such fears and I am always ready to act in films which need me. If I make four films, I will be sure that two of them are solo films and two are multi starrers.

Did Shadow’s failure disappoint you?
We always work for every film hoping that it will do well. But Shadow did not give us the expected results. I only thought that’s what the film could get. But after the film I came completely out of it. I never bother much about how much the film fetches and how long it ran.

If a film fails who would be most responsible for it?
Success and Failure are part of team work. The film may not be hit just because of one person or becomes a flop. The story might look good in hearing but it might look bad on screen. This problem is there for all. Some stories are really very good but we cannot present them on silver screen. If we can know about the story in the first hearing, then we cannot have flops at all!

Do you feel a dearth of heroines in Telugu Cinema?
That has been there right from the beginning. The number of films made is more now and we don’t have adequate number of heroines. That is why we are relying on heroines from other states.

Do you have an idea to become a director?
Oh no! It is better to do the work which we know well. I never had such thought and it wouldn’t come also.