Ready Steady Po 'Second Hand'

By - December 07, 2013 - 06:34 PM IST

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The first-handedly made Second Hand is all ready for release this December. The movie is recently winning accolades for its unique promotion right from the release of its promotional song “Subba Rao…” Now, it is gearing up for a release this 13th December.

The movie has a fresh casting of Dhaanya BalaKrishna as the heroine and Sudheer Varma, Kireeti, Sri Vishnu, Anooj et al. Writer cum director Posani Krishna Murali being seen in a special role is an added asset to the film. S. Poorna Naidu, co-producer B.V.S. Ravi and debutante director Kishore Tirumala are quite confident over the film!

Small films making big is the latest trend in Tollywood. And our Telugu audience always blessed a good film! Hope this Second Hand fares well like a first hand item.