Superstar Rajinikanth celebrates his 63th birthday today!

By - December 12, 2013 - 08:19 AM IST

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Yes…first time our writer is super-excited to write about someone…

When we peeped into his paper, we saw the name Shivaji Rao Gaikwad!

When our glance moved out of the paper, suddenly our tube-light brains realized that he is writing about no one else but Superstar Rajinikanth!

“Nenu okkasari chepthe…vanda saarlu cheppinatte!”… DOT!!!

Well, this 21st century might know him from just Basha but he was a bright star and a superstar-in-making right from his debut film Apoorva Raagangal (1975). But, we know he was a born star and that born star couldn’t shy off in the khakhee uniform of a bus conductor or a rusty outfit of a coolie while in Bangalore. He gave glamour to whatever he did – be it films or giving away tickets or laying up bricks.

“Devudu Sasinchaadu..Ee Arunachalam Paatisthaadu”… DOT!!!

  •  6 state awards, a Filmfare award and a Padmabhushan award should in a way attempt to describe his contribution to the art of acting and cinema.
  •  He was the first actor after Jackie Chan to have received a remuneration of about Rs. 45 crore for Enthiran [Robo in Telugu].
  •  He should probably be the first South Indian actor to have movie releases in Japan, Germany, Turky and Russia as well.
  • Chandramukhi became the first Tamil film to have the longest run of about 800 days.
  • Sivaji and Endhiran  [Robo] made it to the top lists of UK and South Africa’s top list of movies of that season.

What else do we need to know the stamina of this matinee idol?
But he is just not an actor, he is a larger-than-life star and beyond that a simple human being.
Sincere Rajini
  • He still has the letter written by his mentor K. Bala Chander to him in appreciation of his acting in the movie Mullam Malaram
  • He prefers to rehearse at least once looking at his personal wardrobe mirror before coming to the sets.

Modest Rajini:
  • Even today he answers his mentor, director K. Bala Chander’s call with utmost respect and calls him every Holi day. Ask him why – he was named ‘Rajinikanth’ by Bala Chander the same day it seems!
  • He still prefers to come in an ambassador or a Qualis though he can afford much opulent ones.
  • He always prefers to wear simple slippers than shoes even at shootings.
  • He personally attends to every guest who has come to see him irrespective of his/her individual status and stature.
  • He is fond of kids and especially when they come to see him, he would have them on his shoulders and pose to the camera.

Responsible Rajini:
  • When Baba (2002) ran into losses, he himself repaid the losses incurred by the distributers.
  • He still pays one of his dearest former personal associate Jayaraman who served him for more than 25yrs. Not just that, he gifted flats to his household staff and even opened fixed deposits in their names.

Off-beat Rajini:
  • He likes making surprise visits in disguises to his friends’ place.
  • He is fond of driving friends’ scooters.
  • He prefers to travel only in buses when he is in foreign lands as it reminds of his former conductor roots.
  • He is a big fan of the fried groundnuts available at Marina beach, Chennai and he often does pay visits to small kaaka hotels in Chennai especially the one at Porur signal. By the way, he is a diehard non-vegetarian and mutton especially brain curry is his favorite pick!
  • You know, Rajini is a bathroom singer. And he often does make a personal call to the music composer to appreciate him for the song of his day.

Religious Rajini:
  • We know he is a religious man but he has a rare hobby of collecting rudraksha beads on his every trip to Himalayas.
  • When anyone wishes to meet him on his birthday, he shies away as he has lots of unanswered philosophical questions like “Why he is born?” and such!

We got a zillion specialties to share about the Superstar but can’t stuff away everything on this birthday alone [Got to preserve some for the next one!]

Well, we have got dictionaries beside us but still got lost searching for the right term to describe the man ‘Rajnikanth’. Our conclusions say – better describe him as ‘Rajnikanth’ only!

Well this 63rd birthday of the Superstar is going to be celebrated in Bengaluru – his motherland! iQlikmovies wishes him a Happy birthday and long life – COOOL!!!