Sunitha to donate her eyes

By - December 16, 2013 - 04:00 PM IST

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Sunitha Upadrasta – the sweet singer of TFI, who stole the hearts of many music lovers, has done a commendable job recently. The popular singer, who was associated with Hyderabad’s ‘Mohan Foundation’ have pledged to donate her eyes. Reporting about this, Sunitha formally said, “I have made an agreement to donate my eyes after my death and I sincerely owe this to the society.”

Sunitha dubbed for a staggering 750 films and she sang nearly 3000 songs in her career including other languages like Kannada and Tamil. She is fast turning into everyone’s favorite singer, thanks to her sweet voice and also her television shows. From being a well-liked singer to the most popular dubbing artist, Sunitha has come a long way indeed.

Whatsoever, Sunitha has set an example for many by her laudable job. The charming singer is truly doing her part of inspiring her fans and others to take up such causes.