Uttej's daughter to make a debut

By - December 24, 2013 - 04:52 PM IST

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Uttej, a name that needs no introduction! We still remember those lines-

 “Arey em saar..lekkalu ekkaalu telvanollu…luckthoni lachchalalla munigipotaru…” in ‘Botany Paatamundi..’ from Shiva (1989) &

“Nizam pori…nasdeeku cheri..navvindi osari…” from Gayam (1993).

Well, he has been known to us as a great supporting actor but not many know him as a screenwriter, dialog writer and about a great poet in him! He has been a livewire all these years and now to carry forward his name and fame; it is ‘Chetana’, his daughter who is gearing up for a foray into films as a heroine!

“What?? Is Uttej that old?!!” This might be the question flashing to you. Well, we are not aware of his glamour secret but we are certainly aware of her trails both in Telugu and Tamil films. The aspirant Chetana is reportedly not banking on her father’s name but instead toiling to grab offers – and that’s impressive! She has been busy with few distinct photo-shoots by renowned photographers and is pretty hopeful about bagging some plumy chances.

Well much against to the Tollywood traditions, Uttej has encouraged his daughter to become a heroine thus finding his name alongside the unconventional Bollywood dads like Anil Kapoor [Sonam Kapoor], Satrughan Sinha [Sonkashi Sinha] etc! - Bravo Uttej and Good luck Chetana!