Is Anna Lezhneva really the Teenmaar girl Danah???

By - December 29, 2013 - 03:03 PM IST

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Anna Lezhneva and Danah Marks

These are two names that are really bothering the industry and fans alike!

Who is this Danah??

Well, it is well known that she was the second lady lead in Pawan Kalyan’s Teemaar, pairing opposite the character ‘Michael Velayudham’ played by Pawan Kalyan. In the film, she enters as soon as ‘Meera’ [played by Trisha] parts away from Michael.

Well in real life, it is known that she hails from New South Wales [an Australian state]. In the recent past, she has been a resident of Durban [a South African city] and that’s because she is supposedly married to Calvin Masson [a rugby player] on 20th July, 2012 [as their Facebook accounts read].

Who is Anna Lezhneva?

This is a new name that has popped up when the “marriage certificate” of Pawan Kalyan was revealed by the media a day before. The certificate reads that ‘Konidala Pawan Kalyan’ is married to ‘Anna Lezhneva’, an Australian Model through Special Marriage Act (1954).


So… here is the biggest confusion and dilemma of recent times!

“Is Anna Lezhneva the real Danna Marks?” is the question that is bothering the average cine-goer.

- Both the names Anna and Dannah are reportedly from Australia

-The marriage was confirmed as an Inter-religion marriage through Special Marriage Act, but the lady on the photograph looked like a Hindu with a sari and bindi.

-The lady in the photograph was a bit chubby while Danah is a lean and glamorous lady.

-The marriage certificate only tells that he is married to a foreign lady named Anna Lezhneva but doesn’t confirm that she is ‘Danah’.

-While Pawan Kalyan’s is born Konedala Kalyan Babu, the marriage certificate carrying Konidala Pawan Kalyan is also being suspected.

-And the credibility of all the names mentioned in the certificate as witness signatories are at stake.

-And, the Facebook account of Danah Masson [alias Danah Marks] is not operational from almost 1 yr.

In a nutshell, the “third marriage” issue of Pawan Kalyan is turning out be an intense suspense thriller day by day. At least now, Powerstar has to clarify something for his fans sake.

By the way, have a look at the below marriage video of Danah Masson: