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Thank goodness…Yevadu is releasing! The fans have got this belief after seeing the theatrical trailer of the film. And the trailer to say was absolutely impressive!


  • Undoubtedly Ram Charan – his action, his energy, his emotion, body language and everything. This story looks a tailor made story for him!
  • Secondly, seeing Ram Charan and the name ‘Yevadu’, anyone would guess it to be an action suspense thriller with a mystery. But in the trailer, Ram Charan utters “Yevadu” at 0:45-0:46 sec and “Yevadra nuvvu” at 1:09 secs. So, this is definitely a mystery to wait for.
  • The sudden appearance of Kajal at 0:44 sec and the runaway episode at 0:48 sec suggest that Allu Arjun and Kajal have some serious love problems that contribute to the suspense.
  • The action episodes seem to be really interesting and believable unlike those regular rope fights and our Tollywood’s favorite baddie Rahul Dev is back!!!
  • If you think Yevadu is all about mystery, action and chases, here comes Brahmi at 0:33secs with his ‘red-nose’ and Vennela Kishore to follow promising hilarious entertainment.
  • But a senior actor and the villain in the film, Sai Kumar who is known for his action, voice and dialogs hasn’t got much screen time or dialogs in this latest trailer – disappointing!
  • And the bgm by DSP was simply superb! Undoubtedly a big asset ot the film.
  • Oh yes…both Shruthi Haasan and Amy Jackson have marked their attendance!

In a nutshell, Yevadu theatrical trailer is interesting and has certainly raised expectations!

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