Complaint to HRC regarding Uday Kiran's death

By - January 06, 2014 - 05:54 PM IST

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They say our industry is under the grip of four big names of the industry which is pretty much an open secret and the most popular belief in and outside the industry!

And it has been few hours since actor Uday Kiran has passed away, a complaint has been filed in the Andhra Pradesh Human Rights Commission, Hyderabad. A working advocate named Arun Kumar has reportedly filed a petition accusing that the four big players of the industry are dominating this industry and are oppressing genuine talent who are under privileged and disadvantaged in all terms. The petition is rumored to have indirect reference to UdayKiran’s case.

This controversial petition has gained support from a reputed Brahmin Samakhya which also seriously expressed similar concerns accusing the big players of the industry, adding fuel to the flame.

The tragedy of his death is now shaping up into a political controversy. What road does it take is a million dollar question.