The most believed version of Uday Kiran's tragedy!

By - January 07, 2014 - 12:09 AM IST

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Immense depression due to great financial crisis and pathetic family conditions are touted to be the reason behind Uday Kiran’s death.

But is Uday Kiran seriously under a financial crisis?

“Yes”, agree the close associates of Uday Kiran. He was in a pitiable state where he could not pay the rent of his apartment [Rs. 30,000 approx]. He suspended his domestic staff including his milk maid, housemaid, driver and everyone else almost two months back. He was even depending upon his wife’s salary alone for his survival as well. Even this is believed to be a reason that could have added to his depression. And a recent Tamil film offer slipping away has worsened his state.

His dead body was lying down at the mortuary as an orphaned dead body with no one coming to claim the body. Unfortunately, no one - his wife or his aunt, his father or anyone volunteered to collect his body except some friend of him who paid the corresponding fee to relieve the body.

His sister has apparently paid his dead body a visit and left away. Shockingly his father has reportedly denied a final view for the sake of his fans and the film fraternity. His funeral rites can happen this Tuesday morning.