Uday Kiran case: Shocking facts revealed in investigation

By - January 07, 2014 - 11:30 PM IST

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The police have initiated investigation in the sensational Uday Kiran’s suicide case with his wife Vishita. They have questioned her for about 2-3 long hours late this evening. Surprisingly, shocking facts seem to have been disclosed in the investigation.

Vishita, the loving wife of Uday Kiran has apparently misguided the police with all the possible wrong information. And much against to the initial version of an “I love you too” message sent by Uday Kiran to his wife, investigation reveal that no such message has been sent by Uday Kiran.

And also Vishita mentioned in the investigation that she went to a party but factually she was no where in that area as the phone signals did not trace her there. She also proclaims that she made repeated calls to Uday kiran to pick her up after the party but there were no missed calls found on his phone.

Adding to that, it was not ‘Bhupal’ whom Uday called him last. The latest name which came out in investigation is ‘Sarath’. It is learnt that Uday Kiran has called both Sarath and Vishita before he committed suicide that Sunday night.

Who is this Sarath - A friend or anything else? Why did Uday call both Vishita and Sarath? Are there any special reasons? What is the hidden story behind these three names UdayKiran, Vishita and Sarath?

Well, the investigation is still on and hopefully all these questions get answered shortly….