He defined the word Kalaposana - Rao Gopal Rao!

By - January 14, 2014 - 07:18 AM IST

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Telugu Cinema is still venerated for its great diction, dialogue delivery and superior character artist performances thanks to an actor like Rao Gopala Rao. His histrionics, enchanting voice, and amazing diction made many films during 70s and 80s stand out unique.

Be it a menacing villain, a considerate father, a brother, or a comedian - Rao Gopala Rao does it all. His dialogues “Akasam lo Murder jariginattu ledhu? Manisannaka koosantha Kalaposana undalayya...uttine thini tongunte manisiki goddu ki theda yetuntadhi?” in Bapu’s Muthyala Muggu were even sold exclusively as audio cassettes during the film’s release. This is a testament to the tremendous impact Rao Gopala Rao had on the audience in the 70s!  His nonstop Prasa dialogue in Vetagadu begins with “East Stuartpuram” and goes on nonstop for three minutes getting overwhelming response from the audience.  He was the first choice villain in the 80s opposite Chiranjeevi in many films - Challenge, Abhilasha, Khaidi, and Kondaveeti Donga! The dialogue exchange in the movie Challenge between Chiranjeevi and him (arrogant industrialist Ram Mohan Rao) is still remembered as one of the most defining scenes in Telugu Cinema!

Rao Gopala Rao blends wonderfully into every character he adorns - not just the appearance but also literally everything about the character (body language, diction, expressions, emotions etc.)! It is incredible and a great treat to watch him as Royyala Naidu, a character who believes in hard work and dedication and his funny confrontations with Rajendra Prasad character who believes in luck and astrology in EVV’s Aa Okkati Adakku!

iQlik Movies remembers the actor par excellence - Rao Gopal Rao on his birth anniversary today and his acting tenure is like a text book lesson for any young aspiring actor for generations to come!