Mooga Manasulu completes 50 years

By - January 31, 2014 - 05:12 PM IST

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It is 50 years for “Mudda Banthi Poovulo Mooga Kalla Oosulu...”. This film released fifty years ago is still intact in the hearts of Telugu Audience…

Ask the generation of 1960s- they will have ample stories about Mooga Manasulu with fond memories. Amongst those, Godavari Gattu, ChettuKommana Pitta, Pisarantha Pitta Manasu- a small world revolving around these aspects come up. The beautiful thoughts, promises of the silent hearts of Gopi, Gouri and Radha are still heard.

Gopi and Radha reincarnate and fall in love, eventually getting married. They visit the Godavari bay for their Honeymoon and while traveling on a ferry, they sing “Eenati Ee Bandham Yenaatidho...”. Seeing this, audience feel so delighted and experience the pleasure of their reincarnation. When Gopi suddenly remembers his past life incident where a boat sinks due to a flood, the audience also feel extremely concerned.

The audience join singing “Naa Maata Nee Nota...” along with Gopi when he teaches the same to Radha. When Jamuna as ‘Gauri’ teased ANR singing “Mukku Meedha Kopam...”, or when ANR teased Jamuna singing “Gouramma Nee Mogudevaramma...”, people applauded for those sweet and cute moments it offered.When they saw Gopi, the silent lover of Radha sing “Mudda Bandhi Poovulo...” in farewell to his love during her wedding with somebody else, people thought “Alas! Such an innocent guy! How tragic!!!” When Radha loses her husband and returns to her parents, the lullaby “Padutha Teeyaga..” which is sung by Gopi, pacifies the Telugu Audience even after fifty years of its release.

Ironically, the legendary people behind this epic film, ANR, Savitri, Adurthi, Athreya, Mullapudi, Dasaradhi, Kosaraju, K.V.Mahadevan are no more. Fortunately, the only fond memory of the film left for us is Jamuna.

Just like in the film, the audience from the 1960s would be singing “Poyinollu Andharu Manchollu, Unnolle Poyinolla Teepi Gurthulu...” and silently wishing and praying that legendary personalities like ANR, Savitri, Athreya, Adurthi,K.V.Mahadevan should be reborn!