Paisa Special: Interview with director Krishna Vamsi

By - February 04, 2014 - 04:50 PM IST

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Krishna Vamsi is one of the priceless directors of Telugu Cinema with his unique way of story-telling and interesting portrayal of characters.  He is one bold director who could venture out on hard hitting topics like Naxalism and Factionism but still could manage to impress all alike with amazing perfection. He made some brilliant films in his career which can be etched in the books of Telugu Cinema. And now his latest venture Paisa is due release on 7th of this month. Here is an iQlik exclusive chit chat with the creative director:

Hello Krishna Vamshi Garu..

Congratulations on the completion of Paisa.How do you think the film’s output has come up?
Who would be saying their film didn’t come out well (Laughs)! I feel the film has come out very well.

What is ‘Paisa’ all about?
Paisa is a film which explains about the value of money. It deals about a protagonist and his pursuit for money all his life. That is why the hero calls himself “Pra-cash” all the time (though his name is Prakash) in the film.

How do you feel about Nani’s performance in your film?
Nani gave his 1000% for this film. He is seen at his best and one can see the hilt of his acting in this film. He is a highly dedicated and committed actor.

Can you tell us about the backdrop of ‘Paisa’?
The film runs with Old City [Hyderabad] as the backdrop. Hero assumes himself to be a star. Just like how Huge Film stars endorse prestigious brands, he does modeling for a tiny garment shop in Old City. He is a hyper ambitious guy obsessed about money making. And Paisa is about his dramatic encounter with lump some money.

You have worked with top music directors till date. Any special reason behind choosing a newcomer like Sai Karthik for Paisa?
I wanted somebody who is extremely talented and yet patient enough to work with me. Karthik had these qualities and that is why I chose him. He rose to my expectations as well.The songs came out well.I rather enjoyed his background score.

The censor board cleared ‘Paisa’ with ‘A' certificate. What is your take on it?
A or U/A, It doesn’t make a difference I believe. I don’t think because of ‘A’, my film would be confined to a lesser audience. I’ve have been asked to remove some scenes for a clean U/A, but I declined to do so.  The content shown in the film is good yet bold but doesn’t offend any section of people. I am sure it would be appreciated by the audience.

Tell us about the significance of the caption ‘Paisa’ is 11th incarnation…
To know about the connection, you will have to watch the film. You know this so called ‘Kaliyugam’ revolves around Money. Relationships, Job, Thinking - literally everything is fueled with Money.  I tried to metaphorically tell the same thing in the caption.

Paisa was completed by mid-2013 but the film’s release has been delayed till now. What is the reasonbehind it?
The film has been delayed because of certain reasons which I cannot disclose. I can only say that I never felt a film can be delayed for even such reasons until this point in my directorial career.

Your upcoming projects?
I am going to start working on a multi starrer film with Charan(Ram Charan) and Srikanth in the lead. The film’s shooting is going to begin from 6th of this month.

Okay..Wishing you the best for ‘Paisa’!
Thank you!