Yama Dharma Raju takes one and half crores

By - February 04, 2014 - 04:43 PM IST

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Don’t worry… Yama Dharma Raj isn’t charging at hell for punishing us [At least we are presuming so!]

But, instead our filmy ‘Yama’ is charging such meaty amount. Going into the story, Collection King Mohan Babu who is reprising the ‘Yama’ character in the sequel of Yama Leela, directed by SV Krishna Reddy has reportedly taken Rs. 1.5 crore as remuneration. This hilarious 2nd installment has Brahmanandam as ‘Chitragupta’ and many other budding stars.

Well, how much ever be the remuneration, how can anyone miss a priceless actor like Mohan Babu? “Bambholajamba!”