Maruthi ? a Copy Cat?

By - February 10, 2014 - 10:50 AM IST

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Today ‘Maruthi’ isn’t just a name… it is a brand! With just three films, he has evolved as a brand starting a new wave in filmmaking. His ‘Maruthi Talkies’ has emerged as a hub of beaming young talent with different genres of films brewing out every day. Though he carries a remark of an ‘adult film’ director, his films have a niche audience and he has a unique image as a director who knows the pulse of the audience well.

But contrary to his image, few who claim to be his assistant directors now claim that ‘Raadha’ [his forthcoming film launched recently with Venkatesh as the lead] is their story. When they narrated it to Maruthi, he in turn narrated the same story to Venkatesh claiming it to be his own story, according to the bunch of assistant directors.

These ADs now demand for the story credits and declare to commit suicide otherwise. Maruthi who learnt of this issue called for an official press meet today at 11 A.M to offer clarification on this issue.

His response should clear the mist over ‘Raadha’.