Is Sampoo disturbing the romantic love couple?

By - February 13, 2014 - 11:34 AM IST

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Sampoornesh Babu a.k.a Sampoo is playing a crucial role in Allu Sirish and Regina starrer Kotha Janta. It turned out to be that crucial that he was almost occupying a screen time of almost 1 hour in a two odd hour film.

Mega Producer Allu Aravind is leaving no stone unturned to offer his younger son Sirish a breakthrough at least with the second film. As a part of it, he apparently found the screen time of Sampoo taking over the story. So, he supposedly trimmed Sampoo’s role and increased scenes between Regina and Sirish, according to a source close to the producer.

Right now, the film is submitted for censor with the above changes included and is waiting for the due report. For the emerging burning star, this trimming should have certainly evoked a burning in the stomach! But, ultimately the movie’s interest prevails…right?!