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Chandamama Kathalu is an upcoming film featuring Lakshmi Manchu, Krishnudu, Naresh, Aamani, Chaitanya Krishna, Richa Panai et al directed by Praveen Sattaru [Routine Love story fame] and produced by Chanakya Bhooneti under A Working Dream Production banner.

Here is a review of the official trailer that has released a short while ago:


  • The film opens with a breezy music that rightly sets in the mood and then comes the dialog “Ee Janaranyam lo…” that brings in the philosophical touch to the most interesting starts of a trailer.
  • The eventual introduction of the 8 characters, their individual stories and their conflicts intrigues the viewer to the core.
  • It offers some promising performances by Lakshmi Manchu, Kishore, Krishnudu, Naresh, Aamani, Chaitanya Krishna, Krishneswar Rao and others.
  • The most impressive trait of this trailer is that it adorns a structure and sequence unlike conventional trailers that are often stuffed in with some racy intercuts, punch dialogs and action sequences.
  • The amazing title theme and score by Mickey Meyer brings life to the trailer with his amazing sound design - simple, feel good, trendy and fitting the bill.
  • Dialogues deserve a special mention especially at time frame 02:10 – “Entha goppa Kalpanakaina…” that pronounces its loyalty towards the subject of the film – Simple, meaningful and insightful.
  • Cinematography looks top-notch added by the much needed pacy editing.

In a nutshell, the trailer offers us a quick insight into a unique Anthology film of its kind in Telugu that tells us 8 different stories with an interlinking thread. And it is for us to find out how these endearing ‘Chandamama Kathalu’ unfurl…

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