Telugu comedian Srinivas Reddy's career in doldrums

By iQlik Movies - February 24, 2014 - 07:39 AM IST

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Srinivas Reddy as hero in PVP Cinemas banner” should be a dream announcement for the comedian, but things turned upside down as the days progressed.

We know Srinivas Reddy [a comedian and a well-known face in Tollywood] was offered a lead role in a Telugu film by one of the leading production giants in South- PVP ventures.  Now, it is learnt that the production house has backed out of this project for the reasons best known to them; which came as the freaking news for the actor. However, the film’s director Kiran is leaving no other opportunities and is reportedly hobnobbing with few other bigwigs of the industry [though he is sunken deep!].

Whatsoever, it’s a big setback for actor Srinivas Reddy, who gave a miss for many comedy roles just for the sake of this project.

Let’s hope this movie and Srinivas Reddy’s career will get on track soon – touch wood!

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