Chiru close to fulfilling his dream?

By - February 25, 2014 - 11:09 AM IST

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Chiranjeevi – a name that has to be etched with a golden lettering in the history of both Telugu cinema and the state of Andhra Pradesh! His achievements and contribution speak for him and he is quite liable for such an honor.

Unlike Tamil Nadu, we have a very few hailing from Telugu cinema who made it big and almost influenced the state politics. Out of which, Late Shri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao is one man who created an unprecedented phenomenon in Telugu cinema and politics. He was the man of the masses and the entire Telugu fraternity crowned him as the CM out of love and hope. He was a legendary personality who was instrumental in the state development till his last breath.

And now it is Chiranjeevi who rose up in the world from being a supporting artist to a Megastar. His seamless cine journey veered towards politics due to his increased interest in public service. Though he stands no way a comparison to NTR, in the current day state politics, right from his political foray to the position of a Union Minister, everything happened in a split of an eyelid. And in today’s turbulent political scenario after the state bifurcation, Chiranjeevi is learnt to be one of the strong contenders for the ‘Chief Minister” throne of our state.

With elections around the corner, the Centre is yet to make a decision upon Presidential Rule or an appointment of a new Chief Minister. However, analysts opine that Chiranjeevi holds a strong chance of becoming the next Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Choosing a Seemandhra MLA as the CM is also being criticized as the pacifying act. However, in conditions of a low opposition and with an ounce of political support, Chiru might be announced the CM anytime. If at all this happens, he would be the next cine personality to adorn the throne of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Chiru has always got the Midas touch and as luck has been his close associate, hope he hits the pay dirt and strikes gold even now –This is called ‘Luck by Chance’! 

Moral of the Story – ‘Mega’ Following or ‘Mega’ Luck…you need to have either of these to be a ‘Mega’star in cinema or politics!