Mega talks with Pawan Kalyan failed?

By - March 06, 2014 - 01:57 PM IST

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The act of pacifying Pawan Kalyan by his closest family members was in the news a couple of days back. And, the whole drama around Pawan’s political entry is gaining prominence as the elections are approaching and the poll dates are being announced.

The latest update that we’ve heard from the close circles of Power Star is that – he is completely in a rigid mode and not at all open to any requests or calming acts. Though there have been numerous attempts to soothe him down, Pawan is very certain about the timing and reality of the situation. With the same confidence (termed as an over-confidence by many), he has shut all the doors for an open discussion. He has his eyes set on bringing a realistic change in the state politics and the only thing that’s stopping him is taking a decision about the way to approach the elections – whether to start a new political party, or join an existing cadre or limit himself to a single constituency and contest as an individual…

So, Pawan Kalyan’s political entry looks confirmed and he will be probably speaking to the media and fans in the most awaited press-meet on this Sunday [March 9th]...