Ram Charan open statement about Pawan Kalyan

By - March 07, 2014 - 11:06 PM IST

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There is a lot happening these days around Pawan Kalyan’s entry and none from the Mega family has responded till. The much convincing act of the Mega family with the Powerstar has been an utter failure and nothing seems to be curtailing the Power storm.

While Pawan Kalyan is gearing up for the pressmeet and the public meet, Ram Charan has finally spoken out for the first time on Pawan’s political entry. “I’m illiterate about politics. In a family, everyone has an individual journey. Irrespective of the political agendas, on a personal front, each and every family member would have our support for all their respective endeavors. But my support is always for my dad”, said Ram Charan.

However, this is being perceived as a diplomatic move from Ram Charan just to safeguard his fan base by offering support to Pawan. But, the Mega hero should be really intending to support his “Babai”. What say fans?