Finally Pawan Kalyan recognized the importance!

By - March 08, 2014 - 12:39 PM IST

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Yes… he is coming to meet the press tomorrow and the public very soon. But the latest news is that, he is venturing into Social Media shortly.

There are zillion pages on his name and countless of his fans under the name of 'Pawanism' already. But this time, it is Pawan Kalyan who is foraying into Facebook and Twitter with official pages on his name. The genesis of these pages is going to take place in the much significant phase of his political entry.

Keeping in view of the population of netizens in the state who are active on Social Media and given the world history where giant civic revolutions like the Egypt Revolution, Anna Hazare Anti-Corruption Movement etc taking place through FB and Twitter, Pawan Kalyan’s squad has recognized the power of social media. They want to spear head their operations and reach out to the public [especially youth] extensively through social media. The views, quotes, videos, campaigns and all exclusive information about Pawan Kalyan and his political steps would now be out through his official channels very soon.

So, fanfolks are you ready to LIKE and Follow your star on his official page?