Pawan Kalyan's acting guru reveals interesting facts

By - March 11, 2014 - 07:39 PM IST

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Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, Ravi Teja – They are stars!

But, here is the master who groomed these stars – Hence he is rightly the STARMAKER!

In a chat, Satyanand reveals some lesser known facts about his star students Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, Prabhas.

--> Guess his answer for a question “Is their relation with stars any different now?”
--> He narrated how he met a person like Pawan Kalyan back in 1991 when the Mega family was giving a thought about making PK an actor.
--> Satyanand gives ‘him’ the entire credit for his current ‘Starmaker’ status [Want to know who he is? Qlik here]
--> He has produced above 70 stars now and is seamlessly heading towards producing 100!
And what made him stay out of media and movies for so long? Why is this episode his first appearance on a TV show? Well these are some questions for which you can find some answers in this week’s Arambham.

Arambham This Week's Full Episode with Satyanand - Qlik here