Jana Sena Party Flag Revealed!

By - March 12, 2014 - 10:14 PM IST

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There is news every second because March 14th is fast approaching and it is Pawan Kalyan. The Election commission has yet to approve the party name of Pawan Kalyan; the flag of the party has reportedly seen light.

The flag is a red hexagram encircled in the nucleus of a pure white background with red stripes on either sides of the encircled hexagram running to either peripheries of the flag. The proposed flag seems to be fairly inspired from the National flag of Israel that has a similar hexagram by name "Star of David" and blue lines instead of the red ones here. There can be communist intentions behind this typical architecture of the flag, opine political analysts.

However, fans are super excited to see this new advancement. There are many pages by the name Jana Sena sprouting up every second. The official symbol and the party flag can be officially hoisted at the meet this Friday.