Allu Arjun Oops Moment!

By - March 17, 2014 - 06:27 AM IST

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Well this should be quite a bizarre experience for Allu Arjun! The livewire actor is generally very talkative and all animated. Any audio function should prove it for you… otherwise, this is a well-known fact. He tries to keep himself calm and composed most of the time but this time an embarrassing tongue slip for him and that too when Chiranjeevi is around should be a memorable one for him.

Going into the story, Allu Arjun was speaking on the eve of his Race Gurram audio launch the other day and when he spoke about his heroine Shruti Haasan, he tried explaining a conversation between them where he used to ask her why she needs to work besides being a Superstar’s daughter. While explaining this, accidentally a swear word [that is pretty much a part of the colloquial conversations in our day-to-day life] rolled out of his mouth that actually put him in a jam for a while. Though it wasn’t an offensive crime but for a hero like him while speaking in a public meet and especially with people like Chiranjeevi around, one should be wary about their language and brevity that brings them dignity and respect. Of course, he apologized candidly later and the event continued to rock.

Anyhow, don’t worry Bunny… it happens sometimes!