Nagarjuna offers clarity about Amala's political entry

By - March 24, 2014 - 06:53 PM IST

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Amidst increased anticipations Nagarjuna Akkineni met BJP’s PM candidature Mr. Narendra Modi around 4 P.M today at Ahmedabad. When everyone expected the meet to be about his and his wife’s political entry, Nagarjuna cleared the air about the meet.

Speaking to the media, “I was inspired by Modiji’s speech at various occasions. He is a true leader and the way he developed Gujarat is phenomenal. I believe in his leadership both our states would develop. I’ve requested the same”, said Nagarjuna. He added “I would support Modiji but neither I nor Amala would contest in the forthcoming elections”.

Well, Nag has apparently met Modi in view of the industry interests just to dilute the single face impression for the centre [indirectly referring to Pawan Kalyan] over the industry, according to political analysts. However, Nag can now be exprected to campaign for BJP in the forthcoming election. With this, Nag has become the second biggest star to support Pawan Kalyan.