Who is the lucky 99?

By - March 30, 2014 - 12:24 PM IST

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Nandamuri NataSimham Balayya is back into action! His recent flick Legend is roaring at the box-office. All the Nandamuri fans are absolutely delighted for their Balayya, as he has come with a bang (before the elections). But in less than a day of the success news, the estimates and anticipations upon Balayya’s future projects is on. We know Balayya is heading towards his century figure and accordingly, he is taking wary measures. Well, speculations are rife that his 98th film shall be with successful Tamil director Hari [Singam fame] and this would be a powerful cop story.

And his 100th film is touted to be with blockbuster director Srinu Vaitla. But, the past reminds us that Balayya’s 100th film has been hastily flagged off on a fine day where even Yelamanchali Sai Babu has given a clap for the film. And the film is rumored to be directed by Balayya himself. If these speculations are to be true, who is going to be the luck 99th director who could direct the Nandamuri Natasimham has become the much interesting topic of discussion among fans.

However, filmmakers Hari and Srinu Vaitla are currently busy with their respective commitments and Balayya is busy scheduling his political campaign.

While we shall be busy in finding the lucky guy, why don’t you be busy in nominating a few names for his 99th film?