Renowned Actress Ramaprabha Cinema Troubles

By - March 30, 2014 - 10:34 AM IST

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Rama Prabha, a legendary artist of Telugu cinema with an unprecedented career in South Indian cinema is now a rare sight. As a yesteryear heroine and a supporting actress, with a phenomenal career of above 1000 films, she is a rare pearl in the embellishment of Telugu cinema.

Such a renowned supporting actress is seen missing in the tinsel town today. She is currently residing in a town like Madanapalli away from the industry. Well if you think she has made her fortune and is currently enjoying her life post retirement, you are absolutely mistaken. She has come up a long way in the industry constantly surviving this tricky world of showbiz and unfortunately she is still tussling in this struggle for existence. Couple of years back, she was residing here in Srinagar Colony, the heart of the industry but now with the declining opportunities for her drove her existence for a toss. Directors today barely opted for her except for the few who knew of her significance. Though they had respect for her, no one afforded the chance to express their respect.

She apparently sold off her residence in Srinagar Colony for about Rs. 25 lakhs and moved to Madanapalli couple of years back to pull off the rest of her life. Now, in case of shootings (if any) she is shuttling from Madanapalli. Unarguably, a pathetic state for an exemplary actress her life!