'Rowdy' Gets An Unusual Big Release In U.S

By - April 03, 2014 - 07:06 PM IST

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The much anticipated RGV’s Manchu Multistarrer Rowdy is getting an unusually big release in the U.S. Unlike the usual trend, this movie adorns huge demand in the overseas and accordingly over 50 Multiplexes including the prestigious AMC Theatre, New York are screening the film - which is a rare feat for a RGV film.

“Rowdy's interest has grown beyond India and over 50 plus multiplexes in the US have zeroed in to screen the film” stated an official statement from the production house.

“The biggest surprise of all is that the show tickets are not inflated. You can walk into the top and best multiplex and buy 'Rowdy' movie ticket for $10" added the statement.

So, will the film which is set for a release amidst super positive talk and sky high expectations reach up to the snuff? We’ll have to wait for a short while…