I expected a baby girl actually: Birthday Dad Bunny

By - April 08, 2014 - 05:48 AM IST

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When someone was checking out synonyms for the word ‘Energy’, then a Malayali friend instantly replied ‘Bunny’. Even a Malayali knows this General Knowledge bit – And that is Bunny.
He holds patent rights for a genuine smile and vivaciousness. Though he is born with a silver spoon, he lives and breathes for innovation and improvement. Right from Arya to Race Gurram, he brings in versatility into the mainstream cinema which many are failing at the other end. 2003 – 2014, it’s almost above a decade in the industry and Bunny’s stardom is ever growing.

Besides his memorable 30 birthdays so far, this 31st birthday would definitely be special – Junior Bunny has come into this world just as his birthday gift. So, iQlik was fortunate to have a special interview on a special day with a Special star. Excerpts:

Hi Bunny… Congratulations on being a dad!
(Smiles) Thank you! Thank you very much.

You seem to have got a great beginning this 2014…
Of course Yeah… I am blessed with a son and Race Gurram is ready as well. Along with my birthday, I am celebrating three occasions this time!

Did you have boy or a girl in mind when you heard the news of Sneha’s pregnancy?
I was expecting a girl because I love girl kids a lot. Nevertheless, I am quite happy even now.

Do you think the responsibilities in personal life have doubled now?
Yes. My personal responsibility grew with marriage and once I have a son, it naturally increases.

Any special plans for this birthday?
I recently got a farm house in the outskirts of the city. I would want to spend the day with Sneha and my little ones there.

Tell us about Race Gurram..
Race Gurram is a stylish action entertainer. I didn’t play the role of a Cop in the film and audience needs to wait and watch what my character really is on the silver screen.

How was it working with your co-star Shruti in the film?
I really admire the dedication Shruti has towards acting. She knows the value of hard work and she rightly says – “My self-earned penny is much worthy than cores earned by my dad”. She worked really hard for whatever she is today and she pretty much deserves the name and fame.

What’s the secret behind a special recognition for Bunny?
I always keep an extra effort for my dances but at times, I do feel I really need to do it. It is nearly impossible to dance diffrently for each new film. But I make sure that I look I unique in at least two songs of my film. And Yes… I know films do not run just on dance performances but it is just an added attraction that people expect from my film.

How do you keep you Stylish image consistent in each of your films throughout your career?
I never had the wish to look stylish or special at all. Depending on the film and my characterization in it, I strive to add that extra embellishment to the style of my role. If you watch Parugu, I don’t look stylish even a bit as my role is of an ordinary youngster. I tried to look depending on the story and my role in it.

What do you generally consider before accepting a film?
I’d sign up for a film only when I like the story. Director is always secondary in my rulebook. The only thumbrule I have is not to regret any role I did till date. That’s it!

About your director Surender Reddy…
Surender is a very talented and special director out of the filmmakers so far in my career. I’m a big fan of his directorial style and I always wanted to work with him after watching Kickk and Oosaravelli. I’m glad it came true so early.

About your film with Trivikram? Is it happening?
Yes… it is! It will board the sets officially on May 10th but would take its time to pick up pace. And there is no truth in the speculations that I’m going to romance three heroines in the film.

Any special projects in mind this year?
I wish to do a Tamil film in the near future. And I’m open to a good story as I’m always!

About Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena...?
I admire him to the core and I respect him a lot. But, politics…hmmm...not my cup of tea to comment! It is highly subjective but still we all are one and together.

Okay..Wishing you a very happy birthday and best of luck for Race Gurram!
Thanks a lot!