Nithin's Next Film With Sensational Director?

By - April 09, 2014 - 11:36 AM IST

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A new movie in the combination of hero Nithin and director Maruthi is under the speculation radar now with all the chances of getting launched very soon! Let’s get into the details…

Hero Nithiin is on a success roll with three consecutive hits in the form of Ishq, Gunde Jaari Gallantayyinde & Heart Attack. His upcoming movie Courier Boy Kalyan [in the direction of Goutam Menon’s associate] is getting ready for a May 2014 release.

Nithin’s new film in the direction of a debutant director Srinivas Reddy had a formal launch a couple of weeks back and it stands shelved as of now. Creative differences were said to be the main reason behind the cancellation of this project. Nithin is supposed to do a film for Tholiprema director Karunakaran and the subject is still under development…

On the other hand, director Maruthi’s upcoming film Kottha Janta is due for a grand release on May 1st. Maruthi’s another project Raadha with Venkatesh has been shelved and he wants to prove himself with his next film. As per the reports, Maruthi is said to have narrated an entertaining subject to Nithin and the latter is completely impressed with it. So, we might get the official announcement about this Nithin’s home production in a week or two!