Boyapati Srinu Is Back Into Business

By - April 27, 2014 - 01:10 PM IST

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Boyapati Srinu had given more hits than failures in his 9 year old film career. With three back-to-back hits like Bhadra, Tulasi and Simha – he has been the top choice for most of the directors and heroes. But, Dammu’s dismal performance at box-office has made everyone to get away from the director and not look at his side. The success of his latest film Legend with Balakrishna has infused a new life into the director’s slow career and brought him into limelight again!

As of now, Boyapati has committed to a single subject and is working very hard on it. His yet-to-start film will be featuring Ram Charan in the lead role and a new actress is being searched for the heroine role. It is being said that the remuneration of Boyapati has crossed the 5 crore mark once again and he is demanding for a 6 crore package for the current film. When one of the producers approached Boyapati for his dates in 2015, he is said to have quoted a whopping amount of 8 crores as the remuneration. The producer was said to have got shocked and escaped from the meeting point. So, Boyapati is back into business and is looking to cash the demand!