Adhee Lekka Director Chinni Charan's Interview

By - May 05, 2014 - 01:28 PM IST

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Chinni Charan is one of the promising lyricists we have in Telugu Cinema. Known for his thought provoking lines in songs like "Merupai Saagara" from Style along with funky songs like “Evade Subrahmanyam” from Koncham Ishtam Koncham Kashtam, his talent doesn’t confine to lyric writing alone. He composed music for Allari Naresh starrer Kevvu Keka and Jagapathi Babu’s Saadhyam. Now he is all set to explore his potential as writer and director with his upcoming release “Adhi Lekka” scheduled for this month. Here is an iQlik exclusive chit chat with the multi talented Chinni Krishna:

Hello Chinni Charan garu..

Can you please tell us about your background and how you came into Cinema?
I was quite interested in lyric writing since childhood. I used to write songs on my own and keep them intact. I happened to win a state wide prize for a song in Chandrababu Naidu’s Janmabhoomi programme which made me believe in the lyrical talent I have.

How was your beginning with Telugu Cinema?
I began my film career as a lyricist when Ravi Shankar asked me to write a song for Rajasekhar starrer Ayudham.  Later I worked under Mani Sharma in music department and was part of the team in films like Style, and recent Racha. I also worked with Yuvan Shankar Raja where I learnt the nuances of music composing.

What brought you to writing and directing when you were already faring well in Lyrics - Music department?
My two films as a composer - Kevvu Keka and Saadhyam had great songs but as the films flopped, my music couldn’t reach more audience. I was quite disappointed for not getting the right break and felt like exploring the writing and directorial talent in me. That is why I teamed up with film technicians having similar thought and ventured to make my first directorial venture “Adhi Lekka” now.  My intention in making this film is to give hope for those film people to gain faith for getting the right break in the industry.

Please tell us about your first directorial venture “Adhi Lekka”..
It is a commercial and youthful entertainer set in the backdrop of College life. Manoj, who played as a child artist in super hit films Athadu and Chatrapathi is the lead hero in the film. Krishnudu, Posani Krishna Murali and Tagubothu Ramesh can be seen in pivotal roles.  It can be called as “Happy Days with Commercial touch”.

Did you choose to give any message for the youth in this film?
The film has all elements which would be appreciated by every section of the audience. There are contrasting characters which would make the audience to a reality check in an entertaining manner.  For example,  while one lead hero who hails from village believes Technology is ruining the current day living, other lead hero finds Technology convenient to use. The film attempts to strike a balance between how changing times should be perceived. The film doesn’t go preachy at any point of time, yet makes the audience think about reality.

Your take on current day Music in Tollywood?
To be honest, the respect for Film Music in Telugu has been drastically coming down. The audience has no time to hear an album patiently keeping the composer in mind. If the film has big stars, or great visuals- even a mediocre song is made a hit.  Nowadays, the value for melody is lost and literally anybody can vouch for becoming a music director.

How do you feel with excess non Telugu lyrics included in Telugu songs?
Trendy lyrics are not new to Telugu Cinema. Even veteran Sirivennela garu wrote a college style song “Botany Paatam” which features many non Telugu words. But the usage should depend on the situation and the natural context in which the song is written.
Adhi Lekka is free from such shortcomings relating to Music and Lyrics?
I made sure such mistake doesn’t happen in my film Adhi Lekka, and took utmost care in every department.  I am sure once the film is appreciated by the audience, people would look to the music in the film with more value.

Do you have any role models?
I began my film career at a very young age hence I did not have a scope to look to one film personality as a role model. But I respect those film personalities who work with passion and vigor. I have tremendous respect for writer turned directors such as Trivikram Srinivas, Puri Jagannath and Sukumar because a writer is crux for any film. Their visual perspective caters more when they turn to directors. I admire Tamil music directors for their perfection in every sound they create, and their dedication. Coming to lyricists, I admire Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry garu and Chandrabose.

Upcoming Projects?
I am not sure about my next directorial venture as it would depend on the success of Adhi Lekka. But I am working as music director for a Kannada film Lodde, and a youthful entertainer Nenu Naa Friends in Telugu.

Okay..Thank you! We wish you all the success for your first directorial film!
Thank you. Adhi Lekka is definitely a well made film and I am sure the audience would appreciate our hard work for it.

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