Tough Times for Maruti

By - May 10, 2014 - 06:42 AM IST

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We know Maruti is a brand and is known for introducing new talents and giving them the essential break through. But, he is not having a good time for himself. The most prestigious project with Venkatesh "Raadha" was shelved due to the unexpected story controversy. However, Maruti moved on with Kotha Janta pinning his hopes on the film. But much against to his calculations, the movie did not give him the expected bang.

Now, the dice are loaded against Maruti. According to the latest grapevine, his much anticipated project with Nitin that was supposed to be produced by Nitin’s home production house is also called off. Though, there was never an official announcement regarding this project, the project was always on cards both for Nitin and Maruti. However, the reasons behind aborting this project are not known yet.

Like how an astrologer cannot predict his own future, Maruti is also having tough time in setting his own career on track. But there is light after dark [Whoa! getting poetic now.] Anyhow, we shall keep you posted on this!