A Big Relief for Hero Nani

By - May 15, 2014 - 07:42 AM IST

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You just need one run to win from three balls. But what if you could not connect even a single ball?

It must squeeze your heart out right? Nani is experiencing something similar. The world that has showered him with praises as a star-in-making etc. is now after his back. And he has got three versatile films (Paisa, Aha Kalyanam and Janda Pai Kapiraju), out of which, unfortunately two bombed. And the last ball (JPK) is yet to be bowled. According to sources, he has just returned from Chennai fulfilling all the essential post production commitments and the movie is almost ready for release. The film which is about to hit the screens was postponed many-a-times earlier. But, this time the actor is super confident and even guarantees that the film would be out next month for sure.

Well, this is a very crucial film for Nani and a success can really bring him back into business. As of now, it is a big relief for Nani that the film is releasing. But however, will he win it like the best finisher or lose it like a poor tail ender is a wait and watch for him and his fans!