Heart Break For Samantha At A Young Age?

By - May 18, 2014 - 02:34 PM IST

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She did win million hearts with her films and she did break million hearts by announcing that she is in love with her “Mr. Right”. But, even Samantha has a heart break!

The beautiful young actress Samantha seems to remember her adolescent memories of her heartbreak recently. Apparently during her school days, a guy used to sincerely follow her. Sam who knew of this intentionally ignored like any other girl would do initially. But that guy was sincerely after her and things looked so obvious to Samantha that he would definitely propose her one day.

The silent look exchanges continued between both and few days later even Samantha herself reciprocated to him. But the guy never dared to come in front of her and propose! Days passed by but absolutely no improvement and eventually Sam was disappointed at the cowardly nature of that guy – Poor fellow!

Though she had a sweet heart break then, she blushes while going nostalgic. Well it is interesting to know that even Samantha also faced such situations in life just like every other normal beautiful girl! Of course, even she is a girl and a pretty one too!