Raghu Kunche Song Lyrics Leaked

By - May 22, 2014 - 10:51 AM IST

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The talented music director Raghu Kunche has given some notable chartbusters in Tollywood and now he is on his way to give another. Raghu is doing the music for the film ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ and there is a talk that a song has been shaped on 'Burrakatha'.

It is known news that 'Burrakatha' is an outdated art nearing extinction but recently few journos listened to the song at Raghu Kunche's studio and gave very positive feedback. Here are few lines from the song which indicates that the overall feel is funny so it will be good even if the song is also having the same effect. The song begins like this-

"Vinara sodara veera kumara internet gaadhaa..kanara kannula mundara jarige mayajaalamanthaa.." and then it goes, "social network chethilo unte evadi dappu vaade tandana thaana..pettina post ku like raakapothe paruvu poyinattu feel avutaarannaa".

Those who listened to it say that it will be hilarious to listen from start to end and it reflects the present social networking lives appropriately. Even the posters and wallpapers of this film are very unique. So, hope the film will attract the youth and become a hit.