Salutes To Beautiful Lady's Dedication

By - June 07, 2014 - 02:26 PM IST

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Quite often there is a talk on how actresses tend to cause a lot of tantrums on the sets for nothing. It tends to be more if two actresses are working in the same project. But there are always exceptions and here is one beautiful star who is braving the merciless summer heat for work.

She is none other than Charmme and it is heard that this Punjabi beauty has been shooting for her new film Mantra 2 for the past few days. Since most of the shoot is outdoor, Charmme is braving the summer heat and participating in the shoot. This is happening at some arid narrow lanes of Hyderabad.

It must be said that Mantra was one film which changed Charmme’s life and her career took a big boost. But in the recent past, she has scored a series of flops. So, let us hope all her efforts in this harsh sun really pay off through Mantra 2 and she smiles her way back at the box office.